Inner Oasis ​J​ourneys

Come Home to Yourself

Lynn Huxtable

 Spiritual Coach and Certified Intuitive Guide

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Hello an​d Welcome!!

If you've landed here, you may be seeking healing, wholeness, wisdom, catharsis, or empowerment.  I wanted all of that when I began walking this path.  What I found was a powerful process for spiritual and emotional transformation.  

If this resonates with you and you would like to learn to trust your intuition, access your highest guidance, and tap into your energetic "inner oasis," then YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  Read on..... 

What is an Inner Journey?

An Inner Journey is a process of self-discovery in which you explore personal issues to allow for healing of mind, body, and spirit.  You connect to your innermost self and you emerge with a better understanding of the next right step on your path.  The energetic dynamics of your situation are revealed and you identify barriers to growth.  You heal old wounds and shed old patterns.

What Can I Expect?

The main goal of an Inner Journey is to help you learn how to access your inner wisdom so you can discover the path to your own answers.  My role as an Intuitive Guide is to facilitate the process by holding space, maintaining my own ground and feeling into the issues being explored.  I will help you decipher how your Higher Self communicates with you and what is going on with your energy.  Unlike in a psychic reading, which mainly gives you the practitioner's intuitive impressions, you will learn to develop trust in your OWN intuition.