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Like many people, I had tried many modes of healing -- talk therapy, energy work, meditation, and 12-step programs -- but my emotional wounds and the patterns I had developed from them continued to wreak havoc in my life.  I felt like a leaf being blown by the wind, with little sense of stability and zero sense of my own power.  To try to cope, I kept looking to sources outside myself for healing, unaware that this was the very cause of my problems.

In 2017, I learned how to ground and it was a game-changer for me. This process has helped me discover what was keeping me stuck and how to identify what I needed to move forward.  It taught me that I am the authority that matters in my life and it allowed me to COME HOME TO MYSELF.  I still use other healing modalities, but now filter those through the lens of my inner wisdom.


In 2018, I decided to train as an Intuitive Guide in order to share this process with others.  It has been a privilege to help others discover their inner guidance and learn to live from their own truth.  This work frees us from external rules and dogmas and gives us back the dignity of being autonomous beings.  

For me, this was revolutionary and opened me up to options in life I hadn't previously been ready for.  I started a business, gained new friends who are kindred spirits, and developed my creative and artistic talents.  In addition to doing this work, I now make jewelry and have opened a shop on called HeartOfAMystic.