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I am originally from the East Coast but settled in New Mexico in 1997.  It was here that I began my spiritual journey.  Like many people, I had tried many modes of healing -- psychotherapy, energy work, meditation, and 12-step programs -- but my emotional wounds and the patterns I had developed from them continued to wreak havoc in my life.  I struggled with depression, anxiety, addictions, codependency.  I felt like a leaf being blown by the wind, with little sense of stability and zero sense of my own power.  What complicated things more is that I discovered I am an empath and I didn't know how to separate others' energies from my own.  To try to cope, I kept looking to sources outside myself for healing, unaware that this was the very cause of my problems.


In 2017, I learned how to ground and align with my Higher Self, and it was a game-changer for me.  This process has helped me discover what was keeping me stuck in my life and how to identify the energetic supports I needed to move forward.  It gave me back my sovereignty.  I still use other healing modalities, but I know now that I create my reality from the energies I hold and that my power lies in aligning with my highest vibration.  In 2018, I decided to train as an Intuitive Guide in order to share this process with others.  Every time I engage in a Journey, for myself or with a client, I am amazed by the insight it yields.  Allow me to assist you in finding your true identity and becoming the authority in your own life.