First You Get Grounded

Grounding is a process of connecting your energy to Earth's electromagnetic field.  It can be done anywhere at anytime and does not require being outdoors in bare feet.  It is an energetic exchange.  As you align with Earth energy, your own divine energy becomes available for you to access.  This is the source of your true power.

How Grounding Works

When you make an energetic link to the Earth it provides a pathway for the flow of energy, similar to an electrical cord when it is plugged in.  You discharge excessive energies and release those energies which no longer serve you.  In turn, Earth energy flows into you and you are filled with a power greater than your own.  Your energy body takes in nourishment like a tree does through its roots.  

The Benefits of Grounding

You get out of your head and into your body and the present moment.

Earth energy has a stabilizing influence on your nervous system.

You gain a different perspective on situations that challenge you in daily life.

You become aware of and aligned with your Higher Self.