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Learn to Ground

1/2 hour session


A guided meditation with me that teaches the steps of getting energetically grounded.

Package of 3 sessions: $95

(a 20% discount)

Spiritual Coaching

1 hour session


Discussion of life challenges or concerns with focus on metaphysical interpretation.  

Includes grounding instruction.

Package of 3 sessions: $160

(a 25% discount)

An Inner Journey

90 minute session


Exploration of life challenges with the benefit of connection to your Higher Self for personal wisdom about what is needed for healing.

Package of 3 sessions: $225

(a 25% discount)

What Clients are Saying....

I felt the session to be very powerful, insightful, emotional, and deep....I felt utterly held throughout, both by you and Mother Earth.

J.H., Littleton, CO

What Clients are Saying....

During my session with Lynn I had a few epiphanies concerning blocks I didn't know I had. I had been blocking things I wanted from coming into my life. This new awareness has shifted things for me and I'm already seeing positive results.

K.M., Fishkill, NY

What Clients are Saying....

I want to thank you beyond words, for [my session] yesterday....

the love, kindness, respect, care, and gentleness you shared and ARE is what made yesterday so profound.

K.N., Albuquerque, NM